What is the Killer Paradox? Details about Killer Paradox

Detailed information about Grandfather Paradox [গ্র্যান্ডফাদার প্যারাডক্স] is mentioned in today's article.

Who is the Killer Paradox: Welcome to the new post in the Paradox series. Through today’s registration we will learn about a new paradox. Today’s paradox is the name of the killer paradox. All information about the paradox of the killer will be conveyed through this discussion today. So if you are interested in learning about this new paradox then you must read this discussion carefully. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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প্রতিদিন ফ্রি ১০০ টাকা মোবাইল রিচার্জ করুন অথবা বিকাশে টাকা নিন

The killer paradox is capable of turning any person’s head. We will learn more about this paragraph in today’s article.

We already know what the paradox is. A paradox is a statement or sentence from which it is never possible to come to a definite solution. Whenever we determine one to be true, the opposite prevents us from disclosing this information. That is, two truths or two lies can never be one. We are trapped in a web from which neither side can be considered true or false. One such paradox is the paradox of the murderer. Let’s get to know the details about this product without delay.

What is Abilene’s Paradox?

What is the Killer Paradox?

We often try to get two people to do the same thing in different ways. Sometimes it happens that we are both unaware that we are trying to do the same thing. Suppose A and B are two different people committed to a job. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

প্রতিদিন ফ্রি ১০০ টাকা মোবাইল রিচার্জ করুন অথবা বিকাশে টাকা নিন

Now if both of them start doing that work and somehow an accident happens without doing that work then who is to blame? Then both of them can say that I did not do the fault, he did. And neither you nor I can convince anyone in particular if they can provide conclusive evidence of their actions. How? Isn’t that funny? How do you convince anyone in that case? Do you have the answer to this question? The killer paradox is based on such information. I hope you will give another example to make the matter clear to you.


 Killer Paradox [খুনি কে প্যারাডক্স]

We provide a beautiful example to help you understand the paradox (Who is the Killer) more clearly. Through this example you will get a clear idea about the content of today’s discussion. So let’s simply find out the information about the killer paradox.

ফেসবুক থেকে আয় করার উপায় । 2022 সালে ফেসবুক থেকে আয়

Suppose three friends went for a walk in the desert. Although the three were friends from the outside, everyone was very jealous of each other. They are enemies of each other, but it is never public. While wandering in the desert, they suddenly lost their way and came up with an idea, helpless to find a way. The idea is that three friends will go in three directions and find a way home from here. Because if they stay together, all three of them can die together.

Here the first and second friends separately plan to kill the third friend secretly. The first friend does not know who the second friend and the third person are trying to kill. Similarly the second friend does not know that.Killer-Paradox-2

Now the first and second friends are using different methods to kill the third person. The first one mixed poison in the water of the third friend so that he died after drinking the water mixed with poison. On the other hand, the second friend made a hole in the water bottle of the third person so that the water would come forward later and die due to lack of water. Eventually a third died and the first and second friends were brought to court for trial.

Here but not the end, the fun still remains.

Result of Killer Paradox

When the third man was charged with murder after appearing in court, the first denied that his friend had died of poisoning because he had not been able to drink the water because of a leak in the bottle. So he is innocent. When the second friend talks to him on the phone, he admits everything and admits his guilt, saying he is not guilty. The second friend said he had drilled a hole in the bottle to save the third one because of the poison.

Both are right here. But it is also true that a third person died. So tell me, who killed the third friend? Try to find the answer to this question. There must be an argument behind your answer. Because nothing is possible without logic.


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