What is the Planets? What are the Stars? Difference Between Planets and Stars

Our today's article is organized with all the detailed information about planets and Stars. Get all Details.

Planets and Stars: Our today’s article is organized with all the detailed information about planets and Stars. Those of you who are interested in knowing the essential information about planets and stars can read this article with full attention. Hope everyone gets an idea about the detailed information about planets and stars. What are the stars and planets? Definition of planets and stars, detailed information about planets and stars can be learned from this article today. বাংলায় পড়ুন 

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We know there are eight planets in the solar system. Each planet has many satellites. And the number of stars in space is countless. The closest star to us is the Sun. If you are interested in knowing more about planets and stars then today’s article is very important for you.

We live on Earth ie our Earth is a Galaxy. And this galaxy is located in a galaxy. There is a sun in the galaxy. The solar system is made up of the sun and its orbiting members. Among the eight planets of this solar system, Earth is the only planet where various types of living beings including humans and animals live. There are seven other planets around the Earth. Earth revolves around the sun, the largest star in our solar system. Our main discussion today is about these planets and stars.

What is the Planet? Definition of Planet

First of all we will discuss about the planets. Planets are planets that move around the Sun at specific times. There are a total of eight planets in our solar system. They are orbiting around the sun.

ফেসবুক থেকে আয় করার উপায়। 2022 সালে ফেসবুক থেকে আয়

Number of Planets in Solar System and Details

Before 1950, scientists discovered many planets. Out of which only eight planets retain their status. Only in these eight planets can be observed all the characteristics that a planet must have. That is, the total number of planets in our solar system is 8. The list of these eight planets is given below.


  • Wednesday
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Sat
  • Uranus and
  • Neptune

Mercury is closest in longitude to the Sun in the Solar System. It is the smallest planet in the solar system. The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter and the most distant planet is Neptune.


Distance of all Planets from Sun and Orbital Period

Planet Name Distance Orbital Time
Mercury 5.8 crore kilometers 88 Days
Venus 10.8 crore kilometers 222 Days
Earth 15 crore kilometers 365 Days
Mars 22.8 crore kilometers 687 Days
Jupiter 77.8 crore kilometers 12 Years
Saturn 143 crore kilometers 29 Years 5 Month
Uranus 287 crore kilometers 84 Years
Neptune 450 crore kilometers 165 Years

Average Mass of all the Planets in Solar System

A total of eight planets rotate regularly around the Sun in the solar system. The specific volume of each planet is mentioned below.Solar-System

Planet Name Volume
Mercury 6082,72,08,742 Cubic Kilometers
Venus 9380 Million Cubic Kilometers
Earth 510,100,422 Square Kilometers
Mars 16,300 Million Cubic Kilometers
Jupiter 1.4313 * 1015 Cubic Kilometers
Uranus 6,833.6X1013 Cubic Kilometers

What are the Stars? Definition of Stars

When we look up at the night sky, the twinkling points of light we see are stars. All the celestial bodies floating in space that have their own light and heat, are very large in size and twinkle are called stars. In simple words all the constellations which have their own light are called Stars. One of our most familiar stars is the Sun.Stars

কিভাবে ফ্রিল্যান্সিং শিখবো? ফ্রিল্যান্সিং কি?

Detailed Information about Stars

Scientists say that there are generally three types of stars.

  • little star
  • Medium or active stars
  • More active massive giant stars

Our Sun is a row of stars. There are countless galaxies in space. Countless stars exist within these galaxies. So it is never possible to tell the number of stars.

What is the Star day?

Taking a distant star instead of the sun as a fixed point and calculating the rotation time of the earth, it can be seen that the time it takes for the star to rotate twice on a certain longitude is 23 hours 56 minutes 24 seconds. Thus a day counted by one complete rotation of the earth, taking a fixed star as three minutes and 36 seconds less than 24 hours, is called a sidereal day.

ফ্রিল্যান্সিং কিভাবে শুরু করবেন। ফ্রিল্যান্সিং এর যত নিয়ম।

What is the Constellation called?

Many that are close together or grouped together are called constellations. A cluster of stars is collectively called a constellation.

What is a Falling Star?

Sometimes in the cloudless night sky it seems as if a star is running away or a star has just fallen. This phenomenon is called star collapse.


Difference Between Planets and Stars

Many people think that planets and stars are the same thing. But this is not true. Planets and stars are different. There are many differences between them. The differences between planets and stars are mentioned below. From this discussion you will get an idea about the difference between planets and stars.Difference Between Planets and Stars

Planet Stars
Planets are cool and solid Stars with a burning gaseous mass
Planets revolve around the stars Stars lie at the center of the orbits of the various planets
Planets are much smaller than stars Stars are much bigger than planets
Planets have no light or heat of their own Stars have their own light and heat
Planets form long after the formation of stars Stars are created first

Through the above discussion we have come to know a lot of information about planets and stars. All information including what and what are planets, types of planets and what and what are Stars and types of Stars have been given to you through the above discussion.

Let’s get to know some of the planets and stars in our solar system.

Sun is a Planet or a Star?

The Sun is at the center of our solar system. The eight planets of the solar system revolve around the sun in a regular manner. A question comes to our mind all the time about sun is it a planet? Or star?


Let’s find out the answer to your question. Sun is a Planet or Star this information is mentioned below.

In the above discussion we have learned that stars have their own light and heat. Planets, on the other hand, have no light or heat of their own. That is accordingly we can say sun is a star.

Eight planets revolve around this star in our solar system. Scientists have discovered many other stars in space that are bigger than the Sun. All these stars are divided into different parts according to their spectrum and temperature. If considered in that ratio, Stars or star is divided into 7 parts.

Moon a Planet or a Star?

Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon revolves around the Earth. It takes 29 days to go around the world once. This period is called lunar period.Moon

There are many artificial satellites orbiting the earth. Of which only one natural satellite is Moon. Earth has no other natural satellites except the Moon.

Last Word / Conclusion

What is the planet? What are the stars? And detailed information including differences between planets and stars are mentioned through this article. Those of you who are interested in getting detailed information about it, I hope you got all the necessary information from our article.

Planets and Satellites All detailed information is mentioned through this article. Our readers can easily find all the information. If you have problem understanding any information related to the discussion, please let us know through comments. We will try to inform you all kinds of information.


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