National ID Card Correction & Online Payment System 2023

জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্র সংশোধনের নিয়ম ২০২২ - অনলাইনে কিভাবে জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্রের তথ্য সংশোধন করবেন

National ID Card Correction & Online Payment: Applying online for correction of national identity card errors is now very easy. Those who still use the old identity card can get a new smart card by correcting their identity card if they want. Today’s Article details how you can correct your national identity card online. Those who have some errors in their national identity card correction can apply online for correction. বাংলায় পড়ুন 

National Identity Card or NID Card is basically issued under the Election Commission of Bangladesh. Everyone has this card as a citizen of Bangladesh. National identity card is a citizen’s right.

You can easily correct the wrong information of your national identity card through online. Find out how you can do this by registering today. By the end of the discussion you will know all the important information.

National Id Card Correction Online 2022

You can manually correct the wrong information in your national identity card. In the past, we had to go to the election office to correct any wrong information in the national identity card. And after wandering around for a long time, it could finally be fixed. However, at present you do not have to go to the election office. You can modify your National Id Card at home with the help of your smartphone or online from any computer store.

Those who have not yet become voters will also be able to apply online to become a new voter. You can also change the picture of your voter ID card online. Detailed information on how you can do these things very easily is discussed below.


National Id Card Correction Fee for Application

  • NID Card Renew: Regular 100 Taka, Urgent 150 Taka
  • Lost or New ID Card: Regular 200 Taka, Urgent 300 Taka
  • NID Information Correction: 200 Taka

National Id Card Correction System

The Election Commission provides three alternative methods for updating the national identity card and other information online. These methods are-

  • Want to update your NID information?
  • Do you want to be a new voter?
  • What are the documents required to create a new NID?

If you want to know the correct way to correct any wrong information in your national identity card then our today’s Article is for you. Because you can learn all the methods from your Article today. National ID Card Correction.

NId Card Correction Rules 2022

To National Id Card or NID Card Correction, you must enter the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission online. Anyone can enter the official website of the Election Commission and change the information of the National Id Card, change the information, change the address and change the picture of the National Identity Card. Bangladesh Election Commission is giving the opportunity to change all the wrong information of national identity card through online. Here are some things you can do to change your national identity card online:

  1. Information changes
  2. Move the constituency
  3. Image change
  4. Address change
  5. Reprint of National Identity Card or Voter ID Card.
  6. Information about the current process of National ID Card

How to change the picture or information of national id card?

You can change or correct your National Identity Card photo or NID related information by following the steps given below. To change your National Identity Card photo or NID related information, you first need to enter the web site And the steps described below should be followed.

All the necessary information must be provided to correct the national identity card information.

  • Login with your card information and SMS verification code.
  • Fill in the given form carefully and print and collect.
  • Sign your print copy and submit online.
  • You will need to provide a scanned copy of all the paperwork to prove that your information has changed. You will be able to view and complete all your information on the website mentioned above.
  • Enter your 13 digit national ID card number. If your national ID card number is 9 digits, then give your year of birth first.
  • Provide your mobile number
  • You must provide your current address
  • Provide your address according to national identity card
  • Provide login password
  • Finally, fill in the captcha code correctly and submit your information.

Following these steps will complete the application for your information change. And your information will be changed by the authorities verifying and sorting it out.

Apply for National ID Card Information Correction

An SMS will be sent to your mobile number if you can complete the whole process properly. Provide the verification code mentioned in the SMS. If you do not receive an SMS to your mobile number within the stipulated time then you need to apply for the code. Once your Article is complete you can login to the NID panel at

Once all the process is complete you can login to your NID account. Then enter your national identity card number, date of birth and password. And you can login to your account by selecting the verification code.

Citizens who are having problems with any ID card information have come to know all the important information about the correction through our today’s discussion. We hope you find all of our information useful. Also visit our website for more details like this. Thank you all for staying with us until the end of the discussion.


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