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Load Shedding Paragraph for Class 8, SSC & HSC (easy and simple)

SSC, HSC Load Shedding Paragraph 100,150,200,250 & 300 Word

When there is a power outage due to any reason or when there is a shortage of electricity, it is called load shedding. Load shedding is a big problem nowadays. It has now become a national problem.

Paragraph is very important question in English subject. And load shedding is an important topic in the current times. Load shedding or power outage paragraphs are included in various tests. Load shedding paragraphs of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 words are mentioned in this article.

Starting from primary class III, IV and V to lower secondary class VI, VII, VIII and SSC and HSC candidates can easily collect their desired load shedding paragraph from our article.

Padma Bridge Paragraph for all class SSC, HSC (100,150,200 Words)

100 word Load Shedding Paragraph for Primary (Class 3/4/5)

Below are the 80 to 100 word load shedding paragraphs in picture and written form for Primary III, IV and V students.

“Load shedding is when the electricity goes off for a certain period of time in our homes and neighborhoods. It happens because there is not enough electricity to go around. When load shedding occurs, the lights go out, and we cannot use electrical appliances like fans, TVs, or computers. It can be frustrating because we have to stop what we are doing and wait for the electricity to come back. Sometimes load shedding happens during the day, and we have to study or play without lights. It is important to save electricity and use it wisely to avoid load shedding in the future.”


150 Word Load Shedding Paragraph for Class 6/7/8

At the lower secondary level, the students of sixth, seventh and eighth standard have to write a paragraph of minimum 150 words. Below is a 150+ word load shedding paragraph.

“Load shedding is when the electricity supply is intentionally turned off for a certain period of time due to a shortage of power. It affects our homes, schools, and communities. During load shedding, the lights go out, and we cannot use electrical appliances like computers, refrigerators, or air conditioners. It can be frustrating because we have to pause our activities and find other ways to entertain ourselves. We may use candles or play board games instead of watching TV or using the internet. Load shedding can also disrupt our studies as we may not have proper lighting or access to online resources. To cope with load shedding, we need to be prepared by having alternative light sources like flashlights or rechargeable lamps. We should conserve electricity by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. By understanding the importance of energy conservation, we can contribute to reducing the need for load shedding in the future.”

200 word Load Shedding Paragraph for class 9/10 & SSC

Load shedding paragraph is very important for SSC aspirants. Students make various small mistakes while writing paragraphs on this subject. By correcting these mistakes it is possible to get good marks in the exam.

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200+ Word Load shedding Paragraphs for 9th, 10th and SSC Exams are given below in picture and written form.

“Load shedding is a situation that occurs when there is not enough electricity to meet the demands of all the people. It happens because the power supply is limited and cannot keep up with everyone’s needs. During load shedding, the electricity is deliberately turned off for specific periods of time in different areas. This means that our homes, schools, and businesses experience power outages, and we are left without electricity. It can be quite challenging, especially when we are studying for our exams or trying to complete important assignments. We have to rely on candles or rechargeable lamps to study, and it can be difficult to concentrate without proper lighting. Additionally, during load shedding, our electronic devices cannot be used, which means we are cut off from the internet and cannot access online resources. To deal with load shedding, we must be prepared by keeping alternative light sources and backup batteries for our devices. It is also essential to use electricity wisely and conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. By understanding the reasons behind load shedding and making efforts to save electricity, we can help alleviate the situation and ensure a more stable power supply in the future.”


Load Shedding Paragraph for HSC 300 Word

For class XI, XII and HSC candidates the word count of paragraph should be minimum 250 to 300.

Given below is the load shedding paragraph for HSC candidates considering current times.

“Load shedding, the deliberate interruption of electricity supply, poses significant challenges for HSC students pursuing their academic goals. Power outages disrupt their study routines and hinder their progress. During load shedding, the absence of electricity results in the loss of essential resources and technologies necessary for effective studying. Dim lighting conditions caused by power cuts strain the eyes and make it difficult to concentrate. Furthermore, the unavailability of computers, laptops, and internet connectivity restricts access to online learning materials, research sources, and collaborative platforms. To overcome the obstacles imposed by load shedding, HSC students can adopt strategies that optimize their study time. Creating a well-structured study plan aligned with the load shedding schedule helps maximize productivity. Utilizing daylight hours, establishing alternative study methods such as printed materials, and engaging in group study sessions foster an effective learning environment even without electricity. Long-term solutions require collective efforts. Governments and power authorities must invest in enhancing power infrastructure, diversifying energy sources, and promoting renewable energy options. Additionally, students can play an active role by voicing their concerns through student forums, engaging with policymakers, and advocating for improved power supply in educational institutions. Energy conservation practices are vital in reducing the frequency and duration of load shedding. HSC students should actively participate in energy-saving initiatives by using electricity responsibly, turning off lights and appliances when not in use, and promoting a culture of sustainability. In conclusion, load shedding disrupts the academic journey of HSC students by impeding their access to essential resources and technologies. By implementing effective study strategies, engaging in advocacy efforts, and promoting energy conservation, students can mitigate the impact of load shedding and ensure uninterrupted progress in their education.”


Final Word

Knowing about load shedding is very important. At present load shedding has made the public life of the people of Bangladesh miserable. To know the causes of load shedding and its remedies, we must read the paragraph on load shedding.

Also with this load shedding paragraph you will be able to get good marks in the exam. You can eliminate the minor mistakes that get low marks in the paragraph section of the exam.


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