Keep Your Computer Safe-Know These Simple Tricks From Here.

How to Keep Your Computer Safe? Get Here.

How to Keep Your Computer Safe

The current age of information technology.  Smartphones are now in everyone’s hands.  There are various brands and variants of smartphones.  Nowadays, desktop or laptop computers are used in people’s homes.  If you want to keep these desktop or laptop computers good, you have to follow many methods.  The life of a desktop or laptop computer can be extended by following a few simple steps.  We have published today’s article on how to make the best use of your desktop or laptop computer.  Learn how to keep your computer safe by reading our full discussion today. Keep Your Computer Safe.

By following these steps, you can keep your home or office desktop or laptop computer safe.  You do not have to worry too much about following these procedures.  You can follow these steps through your normal daily routine.

Keep all software updated

Turn on the automatic update option for Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications.  Keep the browser, or the apps you use, up to date.  Update all software regularly or you can keep automatic updates on.

Ensure the security of your password

Make sure to use small letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters in all your passwords.  Using these will make your password stronger.  Keep these things in mind when using passwords.  You use passwords that no one will ever know.  Passwords are vital human information.  Create a password that way you can easily remember to eat and not know anyone else.

Turn on the firewall

Windows operating systems now have firewalls automatically.  Turn on the firewall automatically.  You can use the firewall through any third-party application.  A firewall ensures the security of your computer.  And helps to survive the onslaught of others.


Do not click on all the links in the inbox of email or any SMS conversation. Hackers or third parties spread spam links.  Please refrain from clicking on such links.  SMS with spam links can be unknowingly received from a known person through any social media.  Do not suddenly click on any link.

Antivirus software

Use and update antivirus software on your desktop or laptop computer regularly.  Current Windows updates automatically install antivirus software.  Keep them up to date.

Pirated Things

Stay away from pirated movies, series, songs, pictures, books, apps, etc.  There is a high risk of malware in all this pirated information.  All of these maneuvers can be a threat to your desktop or laptop computer.

Only Use Secure website

Don’t go for less price than you think full potential.  Remember no one will sell any product to you by loss in his job.  Many websites can be used to infect your computer with malware.  And these can-do great damages to your computer.  Always use a browser that can block malware and prevent malicious code from running on your computer.

USB usage

Do not connect any device other than your USB or external device to your computer.  Unbeknownst to the owner, these external devices may be present in your computer, which could damage your computer.

Know More Tricks

If you notice the above things, hopefully, your desktop or laptop computer will run smoothly.  The above information was published by tech giant Microsoft.  By following these rules, it is possible to survive various malware and viruses.


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