International Days List। All Day is Celebrated Around the World

International Days List is Mentioned in this Article.

International days। Days celebrated all over the world। International Days List। What day is celebrated around the world? International Days List. International days celebrated in Bangladesh or around the world।

International Days List: All the days that are celebrated internationally in all countries around the world are called International Days. These days are celebrated in all countries spread across the world. The days that are observed by all the people all over the world on certain days of every month are mentioned from this article. Find out the International Days List applicable to the whole world from our discussion. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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Many people scattered all over the world observe these days on specific days. After starting in one country of the world, due to the increasing importance of that day, these days are celebrated in all countries of the world including Bangladesh. All these days are called international days or world days or International Days.

International Days List (12 Month Detailed List)

We have mentioned in this article the days that people around the world have been celebrating internationally from the beginning of the year i.e. January 1 to the end of the year i.e. December 31. It is called international or global day because every people of every country around the world celebrates these days internationally.

ফেসবুক থেকে আয় করার উপায়। 2022 সালে ফেসবুক থেকে আয়

Get detailed information about the days celebrated around the world from our discussion. There are many divorces which are not performed on a specific date but on the first or second day of a specific month. All detailed information is mentioned from our discussion.

Bangladesh has its own days which are observed only in Bangladesh. You can know the list of days of Bangladesh by clicking on the link below.

List of days of Bangladesh

International Days in 12 Months (Detailed 12 Months)

We mentioned the International Days List from January to December through this discussion. The days on which the specific days are observed globally in each month are mentioned here.

International Days List based on each month will not be known in detail from this part of the discussion.

International Days List of January

  • Last Sunday is World Leprosy Day
  • January 2 is World Population Control Day
  • January 4 is World Braille Day
  • January 10 is World Hindi Day
  • January 26 is International Customs Day
  • January 27 is World Breast Pumping Day
  • January 28 is World Data Protection Day

International Days List of February

  • February 1 is World Hijab Day
  • February 2 is World Wetlands Day
  • February 12 is World Darwin Day
  • February 13 is World Radio Day
  • February 14 is World Love Day or Valentine’s Day
  • February 15 is World Child Cancer Day
  • February 20 is World Social Justice Day
  • February 21 is International Mother Language Day
  • February 22 is World Scout Day

International Days List of March

  • Second Monday is Commonwealth Day
  • March 3 is World Book Day
  • March 3 is World Wildlife Day
  • March 4 is World Day Against Sexual Harassment
  • March 8 is International Women’s Day
  • March 10 is World Kidney Day
  • March 14 is the International River Day
  • March 14 is World Pi Day
  • March 15 is World Paralympic Day
  • March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day
  • March 15 is World Buyer’s Day
  • March 20 is World Children and Youth Theater Day
  • March 21 is World Forest Day
  • March 21 is World Poetry Day
  • March 21 is World Non-Apartheid Day
  • March 22 is World Water Day
  • March 23 is World Meteorological Day
  • March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day
  • March 26 is Earth Hour
  • March 27 is World Theater Day

International Days List of April

  • April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 2 is World Children’s Book Day
  • April 4 is World Mine Action Day
  • April 7 is World Health Day
  • April 12 is World Street Child Day
  • April 16 is World Voice Day
  • April 17 is World Hemophilia Day
  • April 22 is International Women’s Day
  • April 23 is World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day
  • April 24 is World Veterinary Day
  • April 25 is World Malaria Day
  • April 26 is World Intellectual Property Day
  • April 26 is International Sound Awareness Day
  • April 27 is World Design Day
  • April 28 is World Occupational Health and Safety Day
  • April 29 is World Dance Day

International Days List of May

  • Second Sunday is International Mother’s Day
  • May 3rd is World Press Freedom Day
  • May 8 is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
  • May 14 is World Migratory Bird Day
  • May 17 is World High Blood Pressure Day
  • May 17 is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
  • May 18 is International Museum Day
  • May 20 is World Metrology Day
  • May 22 is World Biodiversity Day
  • May 28 is World Menstrual Hygiene Day
  • May 31 is World No Tobacco Day

International Days List of June

  • Third Sunday is World Father’s Day
  • June 5 is World Environment Day
  • June 8 is World Oceans Day
  • June 8 is World Brain Tumor Day
  • June 12 World Day for the Elimination of Child Labour
  • June 14 is World Blood Donor Day
  • June 17 is World Desertification Day
  • June 21 is World Music Day
  • June 21 is World Hydrography Day

International Days List of July

  • July 2 is World Sports Journalists Day
  • July 11 is World Population Day
  • July 15 is World Youth Skills Day
  • July 29 is World Tiger Day
  • July 30 is World Friendship Day

International Days List of August

  • August 1 is World Breast Milk Day
  • August 6 is Hiroshima Day
  • August 6 is Nagasaki Day
  • August 19 is World Photography Day
  • August 20 is World Musk Day

International Days List of September

  • Fourth Sunday is World Rivers Day
  • Last Sunday is World Day of the Deaf
  • September 8 is World Physiotherapy Day
  • September 16 is World Ozone Day
  • September 18 is World Maritime Day
  • September 22 is World Prison Freedom Day
  • September 24 is Mina Day
  • September 27 is World Tourism Day
  • September 28 is World Rabies Day
  • September 29 is World Heart Day
  • September 30 is International Day of the Girl Child

International Days List of October

  • First Monday World Architecture Day
  • First Friday is World Smile Day
  • First week is International Postcard Week
  • Second Thursday is World Sight Day
  • October 1 is International Day of Older Persons
  • October 1 is World Vegetarian Day
  • October 4 is World Animal Day
  • October 5 is World Teachers’ Day
  • October 9 is World Postal Day
  • October 10 is World Mental Health Day
  • October 13 is World Disaster Mitigation Day
  • October 14 is World Standards Day
  • October 15 is World Cotton Day
  • October 15 is World Students Day
  • October 15 is World Handwashing Day
  • October 16 is World Food Day
  • October 18 is the World Day of Lent
  • October 24 is World Information Day
  • October 31 is World Frugal Day
  • October 31 is World Cities Day

International Days List of November

November 8 is World Radiology Day
November 12 is World Pneumonia Day
November 14 is World Diabetes Day
November 18 is World Adult Day
November 19 is World Toilet Day
November 20 is World Children’s Day
November 20 is Africa Industrialization Day
November 21 is World Television Day
November 29 is Palestine Solidarity Day

International Days List of December

  • December 1 is World AIDS Day
  • December 3 is World Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • December 4 is World Maritime Day
  • December 5 is World Soil Day
  • December 10 is World Human Rights Day
  • December 11 is World Mountain Day
  • December 25 is Christmas or the birthday of Jesus Christ

All Day is Celebrated Worldwide?

The days that are observed all over the world are International Days or international days. We have mentioned in detail through our discussion the days that are celebrated internationally all over the world. From the above discussion it can be seen that most days are celebrated in March and October with 20 each. On the other hand, 16 days are observed in the month of April. And the fewest international days are observed in July and August (5 each).

We have mentioned all the information related to global or international day list in detail through this discussion. Hope everyone can get their desired information from this article. If you have any problem understanding any part of black gold or have any complaint about any information, please let us know through comments. Thank you all so much for being with us.


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