How to Keep Smartphones Battery Health Good – Simple Tricks.

দীর্ঘদিন Smartphone এর ব্যাটারি ভালো রাখার উপায়।

Mobile phones are no longer just talking devices.  Mobile phones have become smart phones as they are changing day by day.  All the work of the day can now be done through smartphone.  It’s hard to imagine a day without smartphones and the internet.  Smartphones are now in the hands of everyone from young to old.  Smartphones of various colors and brands are now in the hands of people.  With a smartphone and internet connection, the world is now in the hands of people.  With one click, the world appears before you.  People of all ages, big and small, now spend most of the day staring at the screen of a smart phone. 

And as a result, the battery of the smartphone runs out quickly.  Many people start charging their smartphones again through games or social media.  And it puts a lot of pressure on the battery of your smartphone which causes it to erode quickly.  There are many other reasons why the battery of a smartphone can get damaged quickly.

How to Keep Smartphones Battery Health Good

In today’s discussion on how to keep a smartphone battery good for a long time, we will give you all this information.  So let’s find out how you can keep the battery of your smartphone for a long time without delay.

There are many people who keep this smartphone charged all day long.  Maybe the phone is fully charged but still use the phone to charge which is very bad for the phone battery.

Lithium ion batteries are now used in all smartphones.  And these batteries are in the best condition when their charge is between 30 and 50 percent.

It is better to keep 90 to 95 percent charge on any smartphone without 100 percent charge.  However, 100 percent can be charged once per week.  With this, the Smartphones Battery Health can be kept good.

Many people can’t charge their smartphone due to being busy all day.  When they sleep at night, charge and go to sleep.  This can often be a detrimental factor for smartphones.  Never do this.

Know More Tricks

It should not be used when the smartphone is charged.  Many people use this smartphone to charge, use social media to play games and do all other things.  These things should never be done to keep the battery of the smartphone good.

Keep Your Smartphone Smart

If the charge of the smart phone drops below 20 percent, it can reduce the life of the phone.  Prolonged use of smartphones with a charge below 20 percent affects the battery of the smartphone.  So the charge of smart phone should not be less than 20 percent.  If the charge is less than 20 percent except for special needs, refrain from using that smartphone.  And charge the smart phone before it drops below 20 percent.

Always use a good quality charger for your smartphone.  You can use the charger provided with the smartphone, but if it is damaged in any way, buy a good quality charger and just use it, even if it is a little more expensive without buying a cheap charger.  Inexpensive chargers can only be harmful to your battery.

Never let the smartphone get too hot.  If it feels too hot, refrain from using it for a while.  Excessive heating of the smartphone can damage the battery of your smartphone. it will help you to keep Smartphones Battery Health good.

If you follow the above rules, it is expected that the battery of your smartphone will be much better.  Use the smartphone for good.  Stay well Stay healthy.  Sincere thanks to everyone for staying with our website.


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