Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2023 [18k, 21k, 22k & 24k Gold Price]

Gold price in Bangladesh 2023, current price of gold in Bangladesh market 2023.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2023, 1 Vori Gold Price, 22k Gold Price 1 Vori, Check Gold Price here. Currently gold or gold is the most expensive metal. The price of gold in Bangladesh is constantly increasing. People of Bangladesh especially women are very weak towards gold jewelry. Gold is not just an ornament but can also be a symbol of the future. As a result, people of Bangladesh are always interested in buying gold. বাংলায় পড়ুন

To buy or sell gold, it is necessary to know its exact price. Why does the price of gold change every day? Gold price fluctuates in the morning and afternoon. And so before buying or selling gold jewelry we must be updated about the prices.

Gold price is not only related to gold Jewellery. The effect of gold price continues to fall in our public life as well. Through this article of ours we will constantly update you on gold price. You can know the price of gold every day through this article.

Today Gold Price 2023

Gold prices are most affected by the global lockdown after the start of the Covid-19 or Corona pandemic. The price of gold was initially low but gradually increased later. The demand for gold is very high not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide. According to the current time, the price of different carat gold in Bangladeshi Taka starts from 75 thousand to 95 thousand Taka.

The price of gold is fixed regularly by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association. Due to rising global gold prices, its impact can also be seen in Bangladesh. You must read our complete article carefully to know the details of gold price in Bangladeshi taka.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

The price of gold fluctuates constantly in the market of Bangladesh. Gold prices have increased the most recently. The gold prices of various cadets are increasing. Gold is bought and sold as a commodity in Bangladesh as well as in the world. According to Bangladeshi calculations, 11 grams of gold is considered as one load. According to the current price, 1 gram of gold is Tk 8530.25. Also, 1 ounce of gold is priced at Tk 1,60,203.55.Gold-Price-in-Bangladesh

According to this calculation, the price of 1 kg of gold in Bangladeshi taka is 49,98,898.25 taka. Bangladeshi women buy gold in the form of various jewelery items. The demand for gold jewelery is very high in this country. We will keep updating about the gold price in Bangladesh market through this article.

Various carats of gold are available in our country. Many people do not know about all these carats. To know how many carats of gold are considered as pure gold, see below-

  • 24K = 100% Pure Gold.
  • 22K = 91.7% Gold.
  • 18K = 75.0% Gold.
  • 14K = 58.3% Gold.
  • 12K = 50.0% Gold.
  • 10K = 41.7% Gold.

Gold Vori Price in Bangladesh Today

Gold is usually bought and sold as a commodity in Bangladesh. Gold is not sold in ounces or kilograms in this country. The short form of Vori is addressed as “Ana or Ani”. Usually 16 annas of gold is called one bhori.

When asked about the price of gold in Bangladesh, the answer is always “heavy” or converted. Gold is not weighed according to other units of weight. If you want to calculate the price of gold in any other unit of weight, you will be in a lot of confusion.

Title Price

Currently, the price of a gold bar in Bangladesh is Tk 92,000. Given below is a bulk weight according to different types of gold.

21K Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

The current market price of 21K gold as determined by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association is Tk 90,455. Due to the Corona virus, the market price of gold has increased at present.

22K gold is said to be the purest gold. Buying 22K or pure gold in the current market will cost around 92 thousand rupees. Which is much higher than the previous market price.

1 vori = gram?

Many of us do not know how many grams are equal to 1 Vori. According to our information 1 Vori = 11.65 grams. Gold is weighed according to this in Bangladesh. According to the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS), the current market price of the best 1 Vori gold is Tk 93,500 (approx).

Bangladesh Gold Price Today 22K

The price of 22K gold is different from the price of 21K gold. 18K, 20K, 21K and 22K gold are available in Bangladesh market. Here 18K gold price is lowest which is around 75 thousand rupees. And 22K gold is rated as the best gold.

The price of 1 bari gold of 22K is 93 thousand 500 taka. 22K gold is in the highest demand in Bangladesh because customers are always keen to buy the best. So 22K is the most bought and sold in Bangladesh market.

Gold & Silver Price in Bangladesh Today


Kitco Gold Price

Kitco is the world’s top gold company based in Canada. According to Kitco, account gold price is 1808.30 USD. The current gold price is slightly higher than the previous gold price.

Not only gold but all other materials such as silver, platinum, palladium have also increased in price recently. According to information on Kitco’s website, gold prices will continue to rise in the future.

Gold Weight Calculation To Vori, Aana, Ratti

Here we have included today’s gold price as gram. So if you want to know gold price in Bangladesh by Raati, Anna, or Vori, then just calculate price from gram. 1 Gram = 0.085763293310463 Vori, 1.37 Aana and 5.49 Ratti. So, after calculation, 1 Vori = 11.66 Gram, 16 Aana, 64.07 Ratti.

1 Vori Gold Price In Bangladesh

As we know that the 1 Vori is equal to 11.66 grams. So, if today (January 22, 2023) 1 Gram 22K gold price is 7580 TK, then 11.66 Gram or 1 Vori 22K gold price is 88,383 TK. That means, today, January 22, 2023, the 1 Vori 22k, 21K, 18K gold price in Bangladesh is:

Gold Price Today 2023 (18K, 20K, 21K & 22K)

Due to the increase in the price of gold in the global market, the price of gold has increased in all types of markets in Bangladesh. Currently, the price of fine (22K) gold is increased by Rs 1,953 to Rs 93,450 per bar.

According to different standards of gold, it has increased from 2 thousand 216 taka to 3 thousand 265 taka per load.

According to the new price of gold, the price of one bar (11.65 grams) of good quality i.e. 22K gold has been increased by Tk 1,953 to Tk 93,450.

The current market price of 21K gold is Rs 88,682 per bar and the current market price of 18K gold is Rs 76,38 per bar. The current price of gold is 56 thousand 960 taka.

Silver Price Today 2023

While gold prices of all karats have increased, silver prices are currently unchanged. The current market price is Rs 1,516 per 22k rupee load. The current market price of 21K rupees is Rs 1,215 per Vori and traditional method is selling at Rs 933 per Vori.

Gold Purchase Guide Today in Bangladesh

Before buying gold you must know some facts. But if gold is in the current market, you definitely need to do some experimenting. So let’s know what things we need to keep an eye on when buying gold.

Purity: When buying gold, first we need to look at its purity. 24K is completely pure and pure gold. If you want to buy gold for yourself, you must buy 100% pure 24 carat gold. The purest gold on the market is 24K gold.

You will also find 18K, 20K, 21K and 22K gold in the market. As the carat count decreases, so does the purity of the gold, and with it the price.

Price: Before buying gold from the market, you must have an idea about the price. Regularly we are updated about gold price through this article. You can buy gold by knowing daily gold price updates.

In Bangladesh, the price of gold increases the most during the wedding season. So try not to buy gold this season. At any other time you can buy gold and save it. Good gold at low prices but you must wait.

Hallmarked: Currently gold price is highest in Bangladesh market. So always try to buy gold from a reliable source. Hallmarked gold is the best available in the market.

You can rest assured on the quality and purity of hallmarked gold. So try to buy gold so that it is hallmarked.

Weight: While buying gold you must weigh it properly. After buying gold from the same place, always check it at another place to see if you got the specified amount of gold.

While buying gold you must be sure about the weight. The weight of gold can put you at huge risk. So make sure about the correct weight.

When will the price of gold in Bangladesh decrease?

Gold prices in Bangladesh may decrease after January. Although this low ceiling will not make a difference but in many cases a gradual decrease may occur.

As you have been told that the price of gold increases during the wedding season in Bangladesh so the price may return to normal after the wedding season is over.

Gold Price in Dubai

The largest gold market in the world is located in Dubai. Apart from the global pandemic situation, the price of this gold continues to increase due to many reasons. Here you will find daily gold price updates in Dubai. The US-China trade war and the US presidential election also caused gold prices to fluctuate.

If the price of gold is low or high in the global market, it creates changes in the local market. Gold prices in Dubai have also increased at present. Currently gold price in Dubai is 6646.39 AED per ounce.Gold-Price-in-Dubai

The current price of 24K gold in Dubai market is 219.30 AED. Also the current price of 22K gold is 206 AED. Current Dubai market price of 21K gold is 197 AED and 18K gold is 168.60 AED. Gold price in Dubai city as per latest update is mentioned here.

Responsible Reason For Gold Price Down

The price of gold is determined based on supply and demand. Gold prices increase when demand increases and gold prices decrease when demand decreases. When you see the price of gold suddenly increase, you can expect it to come down soon.

When will the price of gold in Bangladesh increase?

Gold prices increase the most during the wedding season. Gold prices are highest in December and January in Bangladesh. At this time the demand for gold in Bangladesh is high and the price of gold also increases with the demand.

If you are thinking of buying gold then of course you can buy gold anytime other than wedding season. The wedding season has a huge impact on the rise and fall of gold prices.

Major Reason Rising Gold Price 

In Bangladesh, the price of gold increases the most due to the wedding season. Because gold is considered as the highest gift in Bangladesh wedding. So when the wedding season goes on in Bangladesh, the demand for gold increases and simultaneously the price increases drastically.

Last Word

Through our today’s article we have detailed all the information about gold price. All the queries that a reader has regarding gold price are mentioned in this article. Hope you got a rough idea about gold prices.

Must visit our website to get updates about gold price anytime in Bangladesh as well as in the world. Hope you get answers to all your questions through our published content.


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