Free Up Phone Storage। How To Free Up Phone Storage?

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Are you worried about your phone storage? How to free up smartphone storage? If you wanted to know about it then you have to read the full article. Visit us and read the full post.

Free Up Phone Storage

The present is the age of information technology.  We are all deeply involved in information technology. Everybody use smart phones now.  We can’t imagine all the activities of the day without smartphones.  Smartphones are now involved in every aspect of our lives.  Without a smart phone our day work doesn’t start and without a smart phone our night doesn’t end.  However, nowadays we have to face various problems while using smartphones.  Very soon our phone runs out of memory.  And as soon as the memory of the phone runs out, the phone also slows down.  We will give you some important suggestions in this regard in our discussion today.  Today we have discussed how you can easily clear the memory or internal storage of your smartphone.


How to clear smartphone storage?

A lot of apps, pictures, videos, high graphics games make the phone storage full quickly.  And then you cannot take pictures, or store any document to your phone.  Though your phone storage is full, it’s making your phone very slow.  Today in our discussion we will described to you how you can easily reduce your storage and makes your phone faster.


How Do I Free Up Internal Storage on My Android?

How to do it? Here are some tips for you. By following these tips, you can easily do it yourself.

  1. If you want to shorter your phone storage, then firstly have to go to the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Now you have to click on storage option on your phone.
  3. Now you can see the list of all the content in the form of a file and how much space they using now.
  4. Then you have to click on ‘Free Up Space’ option.
  5. At this stage you can see a option called ‘Google Files App’ or Remove Items in your phone. You have to select this option.
  6. The option you select in previous steps called ‘Remove Items’ will help you to remove your backup photos and videos you have in your storage.
  7. You can increase your mobile storage by delete the unwanted photos and videos you have on your phone. You can remove downloaded files and unwanted applications.


Free Up Space

Many times, Cache files filled up the smartphone storage.  So, you have to clear it, first go to the settings option.  Then go to the storage section.  Here you will see an option which is called ‘cache files’. You have to clear it yourself.  Though, any file on your storage will not be deleted, if you delete the cache memory.


Phone Storage Free Up Tips

You can also save your mobile storage by selecting a simple option from your smart phone.  This option is called “Smart Storage Toggle”.  If this option is turned on, pictures taken on your phone’s camera will be automatically stored in the cloud within 30, 60 or 90 days.  Next time you need to re-store your required photos from the cloud.  This way you can empty your phone’s storage after a few days, and this way your phone will work faster than before if the phone’s storage is emptied.

Phone Storage is Full

The above-mentioned information has been published for your convenience.  According to the above material advice you can easily free your mobile phone storage.  Which will make your mobile phone faster.  And you will have more fun using the phone.  We hope you have benefited from our discussion today.


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