FIFA ranking 2022 [current best football team] FIFA ranking list

FIFA Ranking 2022 | Which is the best team in fifa 2022?

FIFA ranking 2022 [current best football team] FIFA ranking list: Through this post we have mentioned detailed information about FIFA ranking 2022. Qatar World Cup 2022 has ended. Argentina became the world champion for the third time and last year’s world champions are the runners-up after playing in the final twice in a row. Argentina team has already returned home with the trophy. বাংলায় পড়ুন

Meanwhile, FIFA Football Ranking 2022 has been published. Despite winning the World Cup and becoming the world champion, Argentina could not become the best team in the current ranking. Brazil is at the top level. On the other hand, Argentina, which is number three, is one step higher in the number two position. World Cup runner-up France has also come one step closer.

Today’s discussion is about the best 20 teams according to the FIFA ranking. You can easily understand which 20 teams are in the best ranks now through this article.

FIFA Football Ranking 2022

Rankings FIFA Football Rankings 2022 (Men)
List Published 19 December 2022
Total Top Team 20
Best Team Brazil
Official Website

FIFA Ranking 2022 | Which is the best team in fifa 2022?

According to FIFA sources, Brazil, who were eliminated from the quarter-finals of the World Cup, retained the top spot. Neymar’s team Brazil is number one in the ranking published on 19 December 2022. Their number of points is 1840.77. On the other hand, world champions Argentina are in second place, with 1838.39 points.

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World Cup runner-up team France is third with 1823.39 points. The other two teams in the first place are Belgium and England. Despite being eliminated from the group stage of the World Cup, Belgium, which was in second place, is now in fourth place with 1781.30 points. Despite losing in the quarter-finals, Harry Kane’s England remained fifth in the FIFA rankings with 1774.17 points.

The top 10 teams are followed by Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain respectively. The Netherlands advanced 2 steps after losing to Argentina in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Sixth-placed Croatia moved up five places. On the other hand, despite not having the opportunity to play in the World Cup, Italy is only two steps behind at number 8. As before, Portugal is in ninth place. Spain, who lost in the quarter-finals, dropped three places and is in tenth place.

New FIFA Ranking 2022 (top 20) | FIFA ranking 2022 which is the best team

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • France
  • Belgium
  • England
  • Netherlands
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain


  • Morocco
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Uruguay
  • Columbia
  • Denmark
  • Senegal
  • Japan

Among the top 50 countries in the World Cup rankings, Morocco and Australia have improved the most, followed by Cameroon. Again, Wales, which is among the top 50 countries before the World Cup, is going down nine places, Garage will be at number 28. According to FIFA’s new ranking, India is ranked 106th and Bangladesh is ranked 194th.


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