Do Animals Dream too? Are Animals Other than Humans Can Dream

Do other Animals than Humans Dream? Do They Have Dreams? Find out from this article.

Do Animals Dream too: We all dream. It can be said that there is no person who does not dream in his sleep. How many things do we see in dreams? Good, bad, bad, fear, joy, everything we see in dreams. Sometimes I get so much joy in my dreams and sometimes I cry in my dreams. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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There are many who can manipulate dreams in their sleep. There are many people who can have the same dream continuously. Well, have you ever thought that other than humans, animals dream? How many kinds of dreams are we constantly seeing? Can our pet dog or pet cat dream? Do they have any such feelings?

Scientists are constantly conducting various types of research. Recently a group of scientists conducted a study. Do Animals Dream too? They started their research on this topic. And a lot of information about this study revealed that. The main topic of our discussion today is that Do Animals Dream too? I will try to give detailed information about this through full discussion.

Why do We Dream?

Dreams are some events seen in the subconscious mind of people during sleep. When we dream it seems real to us. We fear when we dream of fear, we cry when we dream of sadness, we rejoice when we dream of happiness. That is, when we are in a dream, it seems like our real life.

ফেসবুক থেকে আয় করার উপায়। 2022 সালে ফেসবুক থেকে আয়

Why do we dream? Why do we dream in our sleep? No one knows the correct answer to this question. Various scientists have studied this subject at various times and tried to explain dreams through theories.Why-do-We-Dream

Different changes are observed in the brain when people dream. REM (rapid eye movement) is one of the different stages of sleep. This is the stage when people dream. Various electrical activities take place in the human brain while dreaming.

Do Animals Dream?

Neurology is the branch that has been developed to study the interpretation of dreams. Various types of research on dreams are done through this branch. Studies have shown that out of seventy years of life, six years of a person’s life is spent dreaming. That means we spend about 4 percent of our life dreaming.

The question that arises then is Do Animals Dream too? Wow, other than humans, do all the other animals have a sense of dream? Scientists have tried to know this information through research. Our discussion is structured around the findings of their study.Do Animals Dream

Do Animals and Birds Get Dream?

Similar to the electrical activity that occurs in the brains of humans when they dream, various animals have been tested to see if any such electrical activity occurs during their sleep. If any such change in the brain of an animal is observed during sleep, it can be assumed that they are also dreaming.Do-Animals-and-Birds-Get-Dream

Since the discovery of REM in the human brain in 1953, scientists have continued to look for its presence in various animals. A lot of research has already been done on animal dreaming. REM activity exists in a wide variety of mammals, from birds, dogs, cats to platypuses and even a variety of reptiles.


Dreaming of Animals other than Humans

The Journal of Neuron 2001 compared the activity of mice running a maze with the REM activity of their brains while they were asleep. At that time, no changes in REM were observed in their brains during sleep and running.

Later in 2015, E-Life Journal confirmed this. In their experiments, when rats were put to sleep after being shown food, the rats went into a REM phase and different cells in the rats’ brains began to map out how to plan how to get food. That is, changes can be observed in their REM.

This confirms that various animals also dream during sleep. While humans can express their dreams, these animals cannot. It is not possible to say with certainty that they do not feel the dream because they cannot express it.


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