Bangladesh Day List। Days List of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Own Days List is Mentioned in this Article.

Bangladesh National Day List। What day is the day in Bangladesh? What day is celebrated in Bangladesh? Celebrated day of Bangladesh 12 Months Day List। Bangladesh Day List।

Bangladesh Day List: Bangladesh Day List or the information related to which day is observed in Bangladesh is mentioned in this discussion. All the information related to what day is celebrated in Bangladesh is mentioned in our discussion today. Countless days are celebrated all over the world including Bangladesh in the 12 months of the year. In this discussion we have mentioned the days celebrated in Bangladesh. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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You can know the national days of Bangladesh from our discussion. We have mentioned the detailed information from this discussion. Bangladesh’s own days are called Bangladesh Days. In today’s discussion we have mentioned the days of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Day List (Detailed 12 Months)

All the days which are celebrated only in Bangladesh or expatriate Bengalis celebrate them in their own way are called Bangladesh Days. The main topic of our discussion today is Bangladesh’s own day list.

ফেসবুক থেকে আয় করার উপায়। 2022 সালে ফেসবুক থেকে আয়

That is, the days which are observed only by the people of Bangladesh or observed only in Bangladesh can be known from this discussion. Information about International Days is mentioned in our other post. Check the list of international days by clicking on the link below

List of International Days

Bangladesh Days List in 12 months

From the first month of the year, January to December, every month Bangladesh has its own days. Those days are very important for Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh.

Let’s know the information related to which days only Bangladeshis celebrate from January to December.

Month January Day List

  • January 10 is Bangabandhu’s Homecoming Day
  • January 19 is National Teacher’s Day
  • January 20 Martyr Asad Day
  • January 24th People’s Uprising Day
  • January 25 is Bangla Prachal Day on Computer
  • January 27 Salanga Day

Month February Day List

  • February 2 is National Population Day
  • February 5 is National Library Day
  • February 11 is Road Killing Day
  • February 14 Sundarbans Day
  • February 21 is International Mother Language Day
  • February 21 Martyrs Day
  • February 27 is National Statistics Day
  • February 28 is National Diabetes Awareness Day

Month March Day List

  • March 1 is National Insurance Day
  • March 2 is National Voter’s Day
  • March 2 is National Flag Day
  • March 4 Taka Day
  • March 6 is National Jute Day
  • March 7 is the historic March 7 National Day
  • March 8 is National Women’s Day
  • March 17 is National Children’s Day
  • March 23 is Flag Hoisting Day
  • March 26 Independence Day and National Day
  • March 31 is National Disaster Preparedness Day

Month April Day List

April 2 is National Day of Disability
April 3 is National Film Day
April 8 is Bangladesh Scouts Day
April 14 Pahela Baishakh or Bengali New Year
April 17 is Mujibnagar Day
April 28 is National Occupational Health and Safety Day

Month May Day List

May 1 is International Labor Day
May 16 is Farakka Long March Day or Farakka Day
May 23rd is National Maritime Safety Day
May 25 is the birth anniversary of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam
May 28 is Safe Motherhood Day

Month June Day List

  • June 4 is National Tea Day
  • June 7 is Six Point Day
  • June 13 is Women’s Harassment Prevention Day or Eveteasing Prevention Day
  • June 23 is Palashi Day

Month July Day List

  • July 1 Dhaka University Day

Month August Day List

August 9 is National Energy Security Day
August 15 is National Day of Mourning
August 27 Deira massacre day in Dighlia

September Day List

  • September 17 is the Great Education Day
  • September 18 Krishnapur Massacre Day
  • September 23 is Pritilita’s Martyrdom Day
  • September 29 Mahmudpur Genocide Day
  • September 30 is Girl Child Day

Month October Day List

October 2nd is Patha Shisho Divas or Underprivileged Children’s Day
October 2 is National Productivity Day
October 5 is Teacher’s Day
October 6 is National Birth and Death Registration Day
October 18 is National Sheikh Russell Day
October 22 is Safe Roads Day

Month November Day List

First Saturday is National Cooperative Day
November 3 is Jail Murder Day
November 4 is Constitution Day
November 7 is National Revolution and Solidarity Day
November 10 is Nur Hossain Day or Anti-dictatorship Day
November 21 is Armed Forces Day
November 30 is National Income Tax Day

Month December Day List

December 1 is Freedom Fighters Day
December 6 is the Day of the Fall of Dictatorship or Constitution Preservation Day
December 8 is National Youth Day
December 9 is Rokeya Day
December 12 is Digital Bangladesh Day
December 14 Martyred Intellectuals Day
December 16 Victory Day
December 19 is Bangla Blog Day

What day is the day in Bangladesh?

Information related to the days of Bangladesh has been discussed through the above discussion. Bangladesh has its own days mentioned above. This day list shows that March has the highest number of days with 11 days, and February and December have 8 days each. On the other hand July has minimum 1 day.

Hopefully, from the above information, all the citizens of Bangladesh or our readers will be able to know when Bangladesh’s own days are held. Also we have discussed the information related to international days celebrated in Bangladesh through another post.


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