How are Rainbows Made? Why are Rainbows Curved?

Today we have Discussed Everything from the Process of Making a Rainbow to its Colors and Why Rainbows Curve.

Rainbow. The main topic of our discussion today is the rainbow. Today we will discuss everything from the process of making a rainbow to its colors and why rainbows curve. Rainbow is one of the beautiful scenes of nature. Everyone, young and old, stops at the sight of a rainbow and stares at it for a long time. Today we will share more details about rainbows and the science behind the creation of these rainbows. বাংলায় পড়ুন

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If you are interested in knowing the detailed information about the rainbow, you must read the article carefully. Over the ages, scientists have discovered the reasons behind the formation of rainbows by conducting various experiments. All those reasons and explanations about rainbow are presented to you through this article. We have divided this article into several parts.

First we will know how the rainbow is made.

How are Rainbows Made?

The main factor behind the formation of rainbows is the scattering of light. Rainbows are mainly formed by the scattering of light. When sunlight reaches the earth, it is refracted by rainwater or raindrops, creating a rainbow. The color that comes to earth from the sun is mainly white. But we know that white color is not actually white. White is a mixture of many colors. Purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, black and red are combined to form the color white.

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When white is passed through a prism, it is resolved into seven different colors. As light from the sun reaches Earth, it is refracted as it passes through raindrops and is scattered into seven colors to create the spectrum. Raindrops behave like prisms, so we see rainbows. That is, here the sunlight is analyzed by raining and creates a rainbow.

Why are Rainbows always Curved?

When we see a rainbow after a day of rain, it always looks like a bent bow. We always see rainbows as curved bows. But rainbows are not bent. A rainbow is perfectly round. But due to the limitations of our vision, we see it as a crescent moon.

Different colors of light have different wavelengths, causing them to appear to our eyes in different forms. And we see the rainbow from far below, so we see the rainbow as curved. But if we are very high or between the sun and the rainbow, we will see circular rainbow.Rainbow

Why is the Rainbow after the Rain?

Rainbows usually form after rain. We know that rainbows are caused by the scattering of light. Here water droplets or rain particles act like prisms. Since these water particles are present in the atmosphere only after rain, we see rainbows only after rain.


When it rains, the rainbow appears on the opposite side of the sun. That is, a rainbow will be formed in the west after a morning rain. Again after an afternoon of rain we see a rainbow in the eastern sky.

How Many Colors are there in the Rainbow?

White color is a combination of seven colors. The seven colors together are called ROYGBIV. That is, the rainbow consists of purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, black and red colors. But at one time people’s faith was not like that. Before Isaac Newton discovered the seven colors of the rainbow, everyone thought that there were three colors in the rainbow.

Today there are some indigenous groups who believe that there are only seven colors in the rainbow. But it is scientifically proven that there are seven colors in total in the rainbow.

Why can’t the Rainbow be seen at Noon?

Rainbows are seen as a result of the scattering of light. We know that when sunlight reaches the earth, rainbows are scattered by raindrops or water droplets. Rainbows are formed when sunlight hits raindrops at an angle of 42°. Rainbows

This is not possible due to the position of the sun at midday. As a result, rainbows are not seen at noon.

Last Word

Rainbow is a very beautiful natural sight. Sunlight is refracted and creates a rainbow on the opposite side of the sun. Sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes even three rainbows are formed. Rainbows are usually seen on the opposite side of the sun after a shower in the morning or afternoon.

Answers to all paint related questions are mentioned in this article. All the information about why rainbow happens when it happens and how it happens can be known from this article. Visit our website for more such beautiful information.


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